Duncan & Fraser Ltd. 1865-1927

orient c1904

Photo courtesy SLSA B31207


This web site and my book "Duncan & Fraser Ltd. - Legacies Left Untold" are dedicated to my grandfather:

Robert Stanley Chantrell
1922 - 2004
"Whose passions & interests kindled the curiosity in the little boy."

Sadly Bob Chantrell Snr. passed away before he could see the results of all those family chats & discussions with the final publication of my book. It was great him being there. Now my father, Bob Chantrell Jnr. who has always supported all technical aspects bears the sole responsibility of continuously listening to me and my endless questions, theories, exciting new finds and summations. Thanks Dad!


Any research project, no matter how large or small, cannot progress without the assistance and support of many individuals and organisations. Contributions, donations and discussions vary in so may ways, but I would like to express my gratitude and formally acknowledge all of the contributions, particularly dealing with sometimes the same 100 year old material that may be donated from different sources. The alphabetical list below details the major contributors to this project. There are simply too many to list individually, but if I have missed mentioning either a person or their organisation it is by a simple oversight and not with any deliberate intention.

David Chantrell, Adelaide, February 2009.

Duncan Family

James Playford Duncan (deceased)
John Davidson Duncan
John Leask Duncan
Richard Alistair Duncan
Pam Duncan Chisholm (nee Smith)
Ian Duncan Smith


Jim Badger
Alan Bradley
Bob Chantrell Jnr.
Warren Doubleday
Stuart MacDonald
Greg Mahon
Leon Mitchell
Arthur Mullins
Iris Mullins
Peter Mullins
Nathan Munro
Ian Todhunter (deceased)


Australian War Memorial Canberra, A.C.T.
Ballarat Tram Museum Ballarat, Victoria.
Land Titles Office Adelaide, South Australia.
National Australian Archives Adelaide Office, South Australia.
National Motor Museum Birdwood, South Australia. Their facilities and library are one of Australia's finest regarding our automotive history.
The RAA The Royal Automobile Association:-particularly Clive Dennett
The Sporting Car Club Library is located at Hyde Park, Adelaide. It is rated as one of the most comprehensive car libraries in Australia. I would like to ackowledge particularly John Wein Smith & Ivan Hoffman for their vast patience and assistance.
The State Library of South Australia is located on North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia. The SLSA is a wealth of information from photos, newspapers to private collections. Any local reserach, whatever the topic, should start with the friendly people at the SLSA.


All of the material that forms the basis of this web site & my book "Duncan & Fraser Ltd. - Legacies Left Untold" has come from a number of different sources. In particular photographs, text, "The Echo", letters and other ephemera are reproduced with the kind permission of their owners. That said, all material on this site is copyright and should not be copied or reused without the express consent of the copyright holder.

The vast majority of material appearing in these pages is a result of my own research covering the last 30 years. While I do it for fun, please respect all of the time, work and patience that I have put in to help forward our knowledge of Adelaide's history. If you wish to reproduce materials for non-profit use such as club magazines etc. you may do so, provided you:

  • Notify me by email about which material you are using and where you are intending to use it,
  • Give full accreditation to me as the author of the material,
  • Give full accreditation to the copyright holders of any of the images,
  • As appropriate, either quote the URL of this site, or provide a link to it.
Thank you,
David Chantrell, February 2009.